Collagen Casings

Why collagen casings?

  • saves money
  • easy to use
  • traceability
  • superior productivity
  • size control


  1. Edible(Devro)
  2. Non edible (Devro)
  3. Films (Edicol)
  4. Plastics (Ralex)



Ideal for smoked and cooked sausages, with excellent processing and optimal smoke uptake. Tailored range to suit wide range of global processed sausage applications. Superb machining on high speed production systems.

Cal.:15-43 mm

  • Ideal for smoked sausage
  • Variants for steam cooked and dried sausage
  • Superb machinability for high productivity
  • Controllable "Bite" qualities to match consumer expectations
  • Optimal smoke permeability for rapid processing with consistent colour and flavor
  • Calibre and shape consistency for packaging simplicity controlled output
  • Wide choice of size, colors and applications variants to meet specific production requirements.


Primarily a small calibre edible casing designed specifically for dried/semi-dried snack sausage (beefstick/min-salami). Superb machining on high speed production systems and excellent processing and optimal smoke uptake. Tailored range to suit wide range of global snack sausage applications.


A viable alternative to hog gut, the RONDO range of edible curved casings offer calibre consistency, superb machinability and excellent processing, whilst retaining a high level of consumer acceptance across a wide range of sausage applications.


For processed and dried sausage applications from 16mm calibre upwards. Tenderplus allows more robust filling and handling without compromising the tender bite.


A range of edible collagen casings offering high productivity and excellent consumer appeal - targeted specifically at standard retail or food service sausage sectors.

  • Consistent tender bite appreciated by consumer
  • Variants for all types of fresh sausage
  • Good machinability for high productivity on all filling systems
  • Glossy fresh appearance for consumer appeal
  • Calibre and shape consistency for packaging simplicity controlled output
  • Very good cooking performance




  • Optimal stuffing properties
  • Excellent clipping behavior
  • Very good smoke absorption
  • Superb aroma and taste development
  • Technologically controlled permeability
  • Increased productivity
  • Easier standardization of final products
  • Consistent calibers
  • Hygienic and safe




Tubular film for fresh, frozen or processed roasts and hams.

  • Simple production on existing systems
  • High quality finished appearance and natural look
  • Natural look
  • Slices or whole products
  • Excellent edibility
  • No peeling
  • Easy net removal
  • Hygienic and safe




Appealing shapes and a tasty sheen – this is how your meat products will look in Ralex plastic casings.

Mini Ralen plastic casing has been specially developed for meat products such as Frankfurter sausage. This casing has crucial advantages over rival products and will increase the sales of your products even in the most demanding markets. It is made from biaxially oriented polyamide tubular film and offers exceptionally high mechanically strength and elasticity.

  • Easy Processing
  • High mechanical strength – withstands the strains of stuffing and clipping
  • Uniform diameters, resulting in regular and consistent sausages
  • Very good barrier properties
  • Aroma and weight control
  • Easy peeling
  • Mould resistant
  • Hygienic and safe