Stabilizing Systems - Colloidal Gels

Colloidal systems

They are mixtures of fibers, (insoluble and soluble) and other additives produced by the German producer JRS.

They consist of MCC ( microcrystalline cellulose) and CMC ( carboxymethylcellulose )and allow strong gel formation with thixotropic properties , zero calories and neutral taste and flavor . Indicative use in fruit fillings (bake stable), cold or warm pastry creams , water based fillings (cocoa cream) etc.


Vivapur Stabilizing System 

Innovative stabilizing systems based on cellulose produced by the German firm JRS for use in gluten free products (cakes, bread). They have same functions with gluten (elasticity and extensibility) , hold the volume and improve the structure ( homogeneity ) . Additionally, they also improve the structure in bake stable fillings (cheese based, spinach based, etc.) 

The R&D department of our company provides customized services and tailor based solutions to our customers and continuous technical support during the production process.

Special Stabilizers

For fillings, creams, custards etc.

Agar agar