Products for gyros and ham

Special products for Gyros and "souvlaki"

Compound MI 300F

A special compound developed for Gyros by German leading producer of fibers JRS. It is E nr free and contains a carefully selected mixture of soluble and insoluble fibers and starch which gives excellent results such as:

  • No syneresis in Gyros
  • Increased juiciness in product

ProTG K50


Transglutaminase (TG)

Transglutaminase  is an enzyme that promotes  cross linking of protein fibrils of meat.

Our TG compounds are produced in Germany and  can be used to improve functional characteristics like structure and taste, nutrition and shelf life. It can be used in gyros and ham production.

The high functional mixtures allow a declaration free application with maximum effect. The range of options is enormous. New applications are continually being developed.


• Reconstruct raw meat material         

• Provides a better texture, bite, and juiciness 

• Increase protein connectivity

SALT Replacement

SALONA : More Taste – Less Sodium

Polypan Group  supplies its customers with  a natural mineral salt of the Dead See called SALONA. 

Salona is a natural hydrated potassium magnesium chloride with a low sodium content harvested from the Dead Sea.

Characteristics - Typical values

• Magnesiumchloride (MgCl2): 31 - 35 %

• Potassiumchloride (KCl): 21 - 26 %

• Sodiumchloride (NaCl): max. 7 %


  • Salona  is defined as a natural food of its own kind (no „E-number“).

  • It is approved by EFSA for EU and by the FDA for USA.

  • It can be used to reduce the amount of salt up to 50%.