Environmental Protection

Enviromental Applications


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Multifunctional materials to support our environment like:Oil booms, oil tanks, biogas tanks, food grade container qualities etc.

Oil containers - Mehler Texnologies - Textiles to transform

  • Oil and chemical resistant
  • Flexible. Foldable  (collapsible)
  • Hygienical recipes 

VALMEX® drinking water

The handling of drinking water has to fulfill special requirements. The VALMEX® KTW container fabric allows hygienic storage of drinking water under consideration of different fabric strengths for different container sizes.

VALMEX® waste water

Waste waters, liquid manures or diesel fuels must be stored at times before they can be disposed of, reconditioned or re-used. Mobile and flexible containers, tanks and  pools permit fast use and fast solutions. The high-strength polyester fabrics are coated with VALMEX® ALCRYN, an oil and chemicals resistant plastic, to successfully meet the environmental protection requirements.


VALMEX® food grade 

For transport and storage of food. Food containers must be transported and stored at times. This can affect bulk materials and fluids. Flexible containers  and silos that must be erected and dismantled quickly permit fast reactions, save space and are economical. Existing containers and silos can also be coated by using the special fabric VALMEX® enviro developed by Mehler Texnologies.