Smoking Chips

Smoking chips

RAUCHERGOLD by JRS – Delicatessen smoking chips

When low quality industrial waste smoking chips are used in smoking chambers, they sometimes  give  a sweetish, musty, carbolic-like taste to the final product. At the same time fungus spores and germs (aerobic spore producers) are carried into the smoking chamber and through the smoke to the final products.

Our company offers the world’s finest smoking chips for meat, sausages and fish smoking.

Rauchergold smoking chips are ISO, HACCP & PEFC certified, thus ensuring microbial safety for the end-product. 

Some more advantages of RAUCHERGOLD:

  • It ensures clean smoking chambers, due to its very low tar content.

  • Contrary to industrial waste wood,  Rauchergold is free of poisonous or toxic substances, glues, preservatives or pesticides, molds etc. Besides the risk of  toxic substances for human health which accumulate in the smoked goods, chemical residues from waste wood can lead to undesired smell or taste changes.

Rauchergold is available in several sizes, dust free and highly dry. Thus, it guarantees efficient, clean production. The available types are:



Rauchergold KL 2-16


Beachwood smoking chips.

Particle size 6mm  to 12mm.


Rauchergold KL 1-4

Beachwood smoking chips.

Particle size 2,5mm  to 3,5mm.

Rauchergold HBK 750-2000

Beachwood smoking chips.

Particle size 0,75mm  to 2,5mm.

Rauchergold HB 500-1000

Beachwood smoking chips.

Particle size 0,5mm  to 1mm.


The above types are also available in Oak, and Spruce/Pine wood















Our Research and Technical Support Department  help our customers decide on the appropriate type of Rauchergold smoking chips for their products .