ARBOCEL® - The natural additive for paper and board production  

  • Natural fibers from renewable raw materials
  • Cost savings, Improved product properties
  • Environmentally-friendly solutions

A proven and tested way to safe energy

  • Overall cost reduction 
  • Productivity increases
  • Energy and raw material savings

„" A 1% decrease in moisture content going into the dryers means 5-10% higher through-put at the reel. … An increase in productivity, which equates to a reduction in energy cost."

This is a proven rule long recognized by managers of mills producing chipboard, folding boxboard, core and tube stock, linerboard, etc. Improving the dewatering characteristics of board made from recycled fiber has been an ongoing goal for many years. This latest technology (the use of ARBOCEL®) incorporates both an improvement in dewatering along with easier water vapor removal in the dryers. Together they are helping board producers realize impressive reduction of energy consumption and productivity increases. With the high cost of energy this is more meaningful than ever!


With higher recovered paper utilization rate, fibers are recycled more and more times thus becoming shorter, flatter, and loaded with more fillers and fines. This makes it increasingly difficult for board producers to meet caliper and stiffness specifications without running high basis weight. Besides, such furnish reduces dewatering during drainage and pressing, and evaporation rate in the dryers. This results in lower productivity and higher energy consumption. 

ARBOCEL® is a „super additive" It is a cost effective all-cellulose material, used at low addition rate and offering a number of benefits. While used in recovered paper and board production, it may be added directly into recycled furnish or replace part of the costly mechanical pulp and/or CTMP. 

How ARBOCEL® works

How ARBOCEL® works

ARBOCEL® provides a number of benefits …

  • Increase caliper/bulk
  • Improve formation and profile
  • Enlarge stiffness, Increase porosity.
  • Boost productivity.


ARBOCEL® - the natural additive for paper and board production.

ARBOCEL® is not only a valuable functional additive but also a carrier for many papermaking chemicals. Please ask about our ARBOCEL PLUS® fiber-based papermaking additives.