Dietary Fibres

Powder cellulose in shredded cheese

Powder cellulose, produced by company JRS.

Used as anticaking agent in shredded cheese, mainly to prevent clumping, due to the ability of water and fat retention, prevention of moisture in the packaging and flow improvement.

Wheat fibre in white brine cheese

In the production of cheese underperformance during cheese-making is a significant economic disadvantage, due to the elimination of the whey from the curd. The addition of small amount of fiber in the milk increases the yield of cheese (up to 20%) while improving the structure of the product.

 The increase in production is due to the high absorption capacity of fibers, thereby reducing the volume of effluent discharged whey. Also due to the three-dimensional network structure there is an improvement in the formation of the cheese. Due to the capillary effect, the amount of whey absorbed gets bound within the fiber so that the water activity (Aw) is not affected -  thus making the product microbiologically safe. Also fibers are independent of temperature and pH, so they do not lose their absorption capacity even at extreme temperatures and pH.

Particularly in the white cheese made ​​from cow milk, where the content of Ca + + is low, the addition of vegetable fibers leads to significant improvement in quality and quantity of the final product.

Dietary fibres in processed cheese (pizza, toast, block)

Fiber, wheat / oat WF / HF 600 at a dosage which depends on the type of  the cheese (block pizza, toast, etc.). Replacement of casein. Recommended addition of extra water (1:1).

It should be noted that the fiber wheat Vitacel independent pH and temperature, act as natural stabilizers partial emulsifying action and not "E" number.

Benefits of dietary fibres


  • Increase the water holding capacity
  • Reduce syneresis and increase the microbiological stability of the product.
  • Neutral organoleptic characterictics
  • Stabilize the structure of the cheese
  • They do not affect the creaming


  • Partial replacement of casein – it is necessary to add additional water, which leads to lower cost.


  • Contribute in the proper functioning of the digestive system.
  • Do not contain lactose, therefore suitable for people with sensitivity to dairy food.
  • Do not contain gluten
  • Do not contain calories