Dietary Fibres

Natural dietary fibers under the brand name “VITACEL” are produced by the world’s leading producer in fibers, J. Rettenmeier & Soehne (JRS),  in Germany.

Fibers have the ability to absorb a significant amount of water and oil. Offered in a wide variety such as dietary fiber wheat , oat , potato .Typical uses include  tzatziki , cheese salad , mayonnaise based salads. etc.



  • High water absorption capacity. Avoids phase separation ( syneraisis ) during storage.
  • High fat absorbing capacity, while achieving not only prevention of fat separation from the remaining components , but also better homogenization and dispersion of the product.
  • Reduced cost of the final product.
  • The fibers act as natural stabilizers with partial emulsifying effect and unlike conventional stabilizers and starch, they do not carry E -number, and are independent of temperature and Ph.
  • Longer product life due to the moisture binding within the plant fiber ( capillariy effect) resulting to less risk of spoilage due to  microorganisms growth. 


  • A diet rich in dietary fibers  contributes to a better functioning of the digestive system and thus has a positive effect on the absorption or metabolism of nutrients.

  • Reduction of the energy content of the products because the fibers have zero calories.


  • Neutral color , aroma and flavor