Animal Care

TierWohl & Rehofix – Soft Wood shavings

A natural bedding product

The proven stable bedding for the modern natural breeding animals.

  • The economical and ecological bedding is a high quality horse and domestic animal bedding product made from untreated domestic wood stock. The production is carried out in accordance with the standard DIN ISO 9001.
  • Thanks to its high degree of dryness, and the smaller shaving size, it absorbs moisture more quickly and efficiently.
  • By using soft wood chips TierWohl you can significantly reduce the amount of manure, compared to conventional wood chips or straw.
  • The soft wood shavings TierWohl is the healthy solution for modern stables since it is low in dust and safe for the respiratory system both for the animal and the permanent staff.
  • The soft wood shavings TierWohl offer animals safe and gentle footing which is gentle on the animal’s joints.
  • The soft wood shavings TierWohl is the modern tried and tested bedding for successful, natural bedding.
  • Ideal for mink farms for both bedding and nesting.

ProSinoTM – Natural cleaners for farms and installations

ProSino range of cleaners are produced by english company Cirras. They have been specially developed for cleaning animal farms and installations.

The products are natural, non-toxic, non-corrosive and eco-friendly (>98% bodegradable). They are ideal for cleaning surfaces, facilities, machinery, installations.