ARBOCEL cellulose  fibers for the economical production of brake and friction pads in sensitive safety products such as brake pads.

JRS fibers are being used more and more for the improvement of product properties. Additionally, they simplify the production process, help to lower costs and represent an attractive, environmentally friendly and safe alternative to asbestos or other materials.

Applications for friction linings

  • Car-disc / drum brake linings
  • Clutch linings
  • Railway brake linings
  • Brake linings for industrial applications

The benefits of ARBOCEL fibers

  • Prevention of brake noise.
  • Low wear of friction or coupling disk.
  • Good grip of the lining by pore buildingas a result of the pyrolysis of the cellulose fiber at high temperatures.
  • Removal of the water inside the lining, splitted during hardeningin the production process
  • Cost Saving