Εnzymes: Transglutaminase - Papaine

Transglutaminase (TG)

Transglutaminase  is an enzyme that promotes  cross linking of protein fibrils of meat.

Our TG compounds are produced in Germany and  can be used to improve functional characteristics like structure, taste, nutrition and shelf life. It can be used in all kind of meat products, e.g. Salami, cooked sausage, ham etc as well as to produce skin emulsions.

The high functional mixtures allow a declaration free application with maximum effect. The range of options is enormous. New applications are continually being developed.


• Reduce fermentation time by 30%    

• Reconstruct raw meat material         

• Improve product stability and shelf life

• Facilitate slicing process (Reducing slicing loss from 30-40%)        

• Provides a better texture, bite, and juiciness 

• Increase protein connectivity

• Create complete new products and forms

• Easy to use

Papaine - SEBproX

Our company supplies top quality meat tenderizing papain for meat softening and taste enhancement. It is produced in Germany. Used at low dosage with excellent results.

Our Research and Technical Support Department offers customizable solutions for every application in the meat industry depending on our customers’ needs.