Animal Husbandry

Provigoro 14WA – Water Acidifier

ProVigoro 14 WA water acidifier has been developed in UK by Phyto Innovative Products Ltd after years of extensive research.  It is produced from 100% natural raw materials and its effectiveness relies on the bitter orange extract and specifically the content of the bioflavonoids. It is a unique acidifier and anti-stressing agent.

In brief, the benefits of using  ProVigoro 14 WA are the folllowing:

  • It strengthens the immune system of the birds.
  • It Promotes the development of robust and healthy birds.
  • It Improves the quality of drinking water.
  • It Optimizes the intestinal pH and has a beneficial effect on the intestinal microflora.


ProVigoro Bee Care is used successfully in bee farming as it helps  to    increase   the bees' vitality and their natural resistance to diseases. 


A product of French manufacturing co "Solactis Group":

Vitaloa is a prebiotic natural fibre which helps increase the beneficial microflora.

It increases minerals metabolism and maximises the efficiency of nutrients absorbtion. 

The product strengthens animal's immunity and stimulates growth.


Zinc Oxide Feed Grade 75% .

Zinc Oxide for the feeding industry produced by Numinor, Israel.                                                                           

Repox 50

A novel, natural polyphenol which was initially developed  for partial replacement of Vitamin E in feeding diets.


  • Super concentrated polyphenols extracted from specifically selected botanical sources.
  • Works in synergy with Vitamin E, able to replace up to 50% resulting the same or superior protective effect, thus creating more cost effective inclusion into in poultry diets.
  • Sustainably produced from natural renewable resources.
  • Cost Reduction in feeding expenses.
  • Safe and easy to handle.