Salt Replacement

Life Salt : More Taste – Less Sodium

One the biggest challenges worldwide is to reduce sodium content in most types of processed food products.  More and more companies commit to reduce sodium in the coming years.

Polypan Group  supplies its customers with a natural/mineral salt of the Dead See called Life Salt.

Life Salt is a natural hydrated potassium magnesium chloride with a low sodium content harvested from the Dead Sea.


  • Life Salt  is defined as a natural food of its own kind (no „E-number“).

  • It is approved by EFSA for EU and by the FDA for USA.

  • It can be used to reduce the amount of salt up to 50%.

FAT Replacement

VIVAPUR – Fat replacing systems

After years of constant research and development, company JRS (J. Rettenmeier & Sohne) offers calorie - free gels and stabilizing systems, which are ideal for partial fat replacement in meat processed  products . The VIVAPUR range of colloidal systems are mainly  fat replacers. Under high shear force thixotropic gels are produced which  are neutral in taste.

They are ideal stabilizers with emulsifying properties which permit the production of high quality low fat-calories meat processing products. Various standard grades are available including some E-number free types.


Vivapur MC (Methylcellulose) and HPMC (Hydroxypropylmethylcellulose) are calorie – free water binders which create thermally irreversible gels, thus ideal for low cost (less meat)  burgers.  There are many different grades available depending on customers’ needs.

Our Research and Technical Support Department offers customizable solutions for every application in the meat industry depending on our customers’ needs.