Dry Mist Application


Polypan Group is the sole distributor of Contronics systems in Greece and Cyprus. Contronics, established in 1981, develops and manufactures ultrasonic humidifiers and related products such as Reverse Osmosis water treatment systems, humidity control units and humidity sensors.

Contronics has taken part in several international developing projects. The latest series of humidifiers and our transport humidifier were awarded with the prestigious Eureka Lynx Award!

The problem:   From the time of harvest, the products are subject to large fluctuations in temperature and humidity and as a result lose their freshness and end up on the shelf in a bad shape (faded, dry, with dark spots).

The supermarket, in spite of their best efforts, cannot offer quite that level of freshness. The road from the field to the shop is long.

Refrigeration and cooling slows the development of bacteria but as a result draws moisture out of the product. Waste is the only option.

 How it works

 Ultrasonic humidifiers produce a fine mist of water particles of 1 micron. The water particles evaporate and withdraw evaporation energy from the surrounding air (adiabatic effect).

Consequently the temperature of the surrounding air will drop. The products don’t become wet and don’t feel wet.The humidifier contributes to the cooling process and uses very little energy.

Alternatives to ultrasonic humidifiers are nozzles (spraying systems) and steam. Steam costs a lot of energy to produce (10x as much, compared to ultrasonic). The warm vapour has to be cooled again. Nozzle systems require a huge installation (compressor, high pressure pump). The nozzles are noisy. Water particles are bigger causing dripping and wet products.

Installation of Contronics machines is very simple (plug and play) and the only requirement is access to water, electricity and drainage.

Characteristics  of Contronics systems

  • Moisture particles of 1 micron
  • Bacteria free
  • No wetting droplets
  • Silent operation
  • Minimum energy consumption
  • Cooling by the evaporative cooling effect
  • Fast return on investment


For the supermarket

  • Increased sales (~ 20%) of fruits and vegetables because fresh product look better and the system pulls the attention of customers.
  • Increased sales (~ 15%) of other products in the supermarket.
  • Reduced wastage because the product is kept fresh for a longer time.
  • Reduction of work because it does not require the transfer of goods in the fridge
  • Energy efficiency of air condition in the summer since the supermarket does not have to stay cool during the night.
  • Return of investment in just 10 weeks.

For consumers:

  • Higher quality of fresh produce.
  • Lower prices due to reduction in wastage and labor.
  • Less losses at home. Extension of shelf- life of the final products.

For the environment

  • Less waste, less wastage from damaged
  • Energy savings of up to 11 tonnes of CO2 per year for each machine.

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