Animal Husbandry

Provigoro 14WA – Water Acidifier

ProVigoro 14 WA water acidifier has been developed in UK by Phyto Innovative Products Ltd after years of extensive research.  It is produced from 100% natural raw materials and its effectiveness relies on the bitter orange extract and specifically the content of the bioflavonoids. It is a unique acidifier and anti-stressing agent.

In brief, the benefits of using  ProVigoro 14 WA are the folllowing:

  • It strengthens the immune system of the birds.
  • It Promotes the development of robust and healthy birds.
  • It Improves the quality of drinking water.
  • It Optimizes the intestinal pH and has a beneficial effect on the intestinal microflora.


ProVigoro Bee Care is used successfully in bee farming as it helps  to    increase   the bees' vitality and their natural resistance to diseases. 

Vitaloa – Lactulose

A product of French manufacturing co "Solactis Group":

Vitaloa is a prebiotic natural fibre which helps increase the beneficial microflora.

It increases minerals metabolism and maximises the efficiency of nutrients absorbtion. 

The product strengthens animal's immunity and stimulates growth.

Vitamilk - Milk replacer with probiotic culture.

A product of  "Van den Bor Milk", Netherlands. 

Available in three types: VITAMILK ECONOMIC plus, VITAMILK GOLD plus  and VITAMILK PREMIUM plus. 

Zinc Oxide Feed Grade 75% .

Zinc Oxide for the feeding industry produced by Numinor, Israel.                                                                            Product specifications.


Repox 50

A novel, natural polyphenol which was initially developed  for partial replacement of Vitamin E in feeding diets.


  • Super concentrated polyphenols extracted from specifically selected botanical sources.
  • Works in synergy with Vitamin E, able to replace up to 50% resulting the same or superior protective effect, thus creating more cost effective inclusion into in poultry diets.
  • Sustainably produced from natural renewable resources.
  • Cost Reduction in feeding expenses.
  • Safe and easy to handle.